Zip it up – JAC June / July Challenge.


Zip it up

Zip it up – JAC June / July Challenge.


Cat told us that she’s more of a zipper girl than a button girl. So, in honor of Cat, our challenge for this round is to create a jewelry design using zippers or something zipper related in our design.
So once again the challenge for the  Jewelry Artisans Community was set.

This time it was “Zip it up

It was a good thing we had extra time for this challenge because I realy needed it.
Not for the creation itself, I needed the time to come with a design for it.
One of the problems we ran into was that most of us didn’t have any zippers.
I have a few and I wanted to use a black one with metal teeth but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Instead I used a baby blue one.
Dawn found a zipper in an old pair of jeans and Cat got hers from a bathing suite.
Below are the photo’s of our creations for this challenge

And again there where only 3 players in this “Zip it up” challenge.
Dawn from Jewelry Art By Dawn, Cat from Cat’s wire and me joined this challenge.

Cat's WireJewelry Art By DawnJewelry Art By DawnJewelry Art By DawnVioletmoonVioletmoonVioletmoonVioletmoonVioletmoon




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4 Responses to Zip it up – JAC June / July Challenge.

  1. JewelryArtByDawn augustus 31, 2016 at 07:08 #

    That was a fun challenge; I’m glad we tried it. All three of us came up with great designs using our zippers; enough so that I’m inspired to try making more zipper jewelry. Just need to find more zippers as I can’t rip up any more of hubby’s jeans!

    • augustus 31, 2016 at 09:19 #

      Dawn, it really was a fun challenge this time.

      About the zippers, you could try aliexpress or ebay for them. 🙂

  2. Cat augustus 30, 2016 at 17:02 #

    I think I should make clear it was a mini Barbie bathing suite I took the zipper from before people get confused 😉

    Not the easiest challenge, but I’m glad we all came up with something so nice! 😀

    • augustus 30, 2016 at 21:37 #

      Oh I forgot to mention the part that it was from a barbie bathing suite.

      Would have been mighty big beads if it wasn’t. 🙂

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