You know you are a beader ………..

You know you are a beader ………..


You know you are a beader ...........

You know you are a beader ………..


This post is for the blog carnival at the Jewelry Artisans Community and theme this month is: You know you are a beader …………..


There are many things pointing you in that direction, for me it’s:

  • Waking up in the middle of the night because I have to write down or draw a desigh that popped in my head.
  • Forgetting to eat because Im working o a difficult piece.
  • My hubby complaining that there is no more food in the house.
  • Browsing ebay or aliexpress for hours to look for the perfect deal on some beads or gemstones.
  • Finding beads in my bed, the sofa and or the kitchen drawers. Even in the pockets of my clothes.
  • My hubby was feeling neglected because I spend more time at my design table then with him (he got used to it by now btw)   🙂
  • When you are in the hardware store together with your hubby and you automatically start looking for items you can use for beading (believe me there are a lot of them) 🙂
  • Going through my hubbies toolbox to find a tool you can use.
  • Collecting all the left over electric wires from hubby to use in the next project.
  • Having subscriptions on several you tube channels with beading tutorials.
  • have a massive collection of dowloaded magazines and tutorials.
  • Have massive collection of beads, wires, findings etc.
  • Going to thriftstores to look for some special items you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Have a pinterest account just to store all the pin’s related to beading so you can keep some of your harddisk space free.


So you know you are a beader when all of the above and more fit you.

Here are a “few” of the images with bead humor I collected from the internet over the years.

You can find a lot more of these images on Pinterest
And of course you can find a lot of them on Google

I would love to hear why think you know you are a beader, so feel free to leave comment.

I will be adding the links from our other JAC members when available.

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  1. Now I know what I’ve had all these years – It’s ADBD! In fact, I just had an attack of that last night and had to remind myself to focus on the project in my hands. Love it – great post, Carina!

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