Week 13

Week 13

Here is everything I made in week 13.

Neoprene and aluminum rings

26 Gauge and 22 gauge gold – plated wire and miyuki drops.

Czech drops and 18 gauge non tarnish silver – plated wire.

A closeup of the maille part of a suede cord necklace.
Again aluminum and neoprene rings.

The ring – part, instead of a bead, to keep the strands together.

A suede cord necklace, plain and simple made special because of the wire elements in it.

My biker bracelet in silver-plate,
black neoprene and turquoise aluminum rings.

And a test ring, made with 26 gauge brass plated wire, 2.6 mm and 4 mm seedbeads.

If you look closely you can see a 6 mm glass pearl hidden in the center.

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