Tree of Life, how many can I make


tree of life


Tree of Life, how many can one make


The past week, or maybe a bit more I have been making a “few” tree of life pendants.
I started making them when I found 2 boxes with gemstone chips, some very small.
I used some silver plated and gilt wire that I had left from a test order from

It was so relaxing and addictive to make these little trees that I ordered me some more silver plated wire. And while I was ad it I also tossed some rose gold plated wire in my cart.
I always wanted to try rose gold wire. 🙂


sp en rg plated wire

this is what 5 kilo wire looks like 🙂

Now I know you all want to see how many I made so far so I will stop rambling and make the gallery. As you can see none of them are the same.  🙂


Tree of life, silver and TurquoiseTree of life, rose gold and TurquoiseTree of life, silver and TourmalineTree of life, silver and turquoise TygereyeTree of life, silver and SodaliteTree of life, silver and CoralTree of life, silver and Smokey QuartzTree of life, silver and PeridotTree of life, rosegold and PeridotTree of life, silver and citrine and aquamarineTree of life, silver and AmethistTree of life, rosegold and AmethistTree of life, gilt (gold) and Amethist


Of course I will be making some more of these little tree of life pendants,  at least till I have a silver plated and a rose gold plated one of each stone, or until I get bored of making them.  🙂

What do you think aren’t they cute?  🙂 





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