The May giveaway winner

The May giveaway winner

giveaway winner

The May giveaway winner

First of my apologies for the delay, I intended to make the May giveaway winner  anouncement this weekend but I had some problems with the backend of my website.
It looks as if everything is in order again and I don’t want to keep my subscribers waiting any longer.

I wrote all my subscribers names on a piece of paper tossed them all in a big bowl and hand picked one.

Annet Kaman is the lucky winner!!!!!

may giveaway winner
Annet Kaman

I made some new photo’s of the aromatherapy flower pendants for Annet to have a better view to make her choice.

Annet when you read this just write me an email to let me know what colour you prefer. You can also tell me which sent you prefer for your flower.
I have selected 5 flower scents from my oils for you to choose from.

Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Lavender, Rose, Jasmin.

For all my other subscribers don’t feel bad, I will be doing a new giveaway in July again.

Carina Veling
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