Technique: Make a wrapped card

Technique: Make a wrapped card

Technique: Make a wrapped card


wrapped card made by


This weeks assignment for Hobby Alternatief was to make a wrapped card, at the time I made the card I though that I didn’t have the dies to make these so I improvised.
I had to do some calculations to get my card with the correct measurements.
But I did it.  🙂

I just used a doily die and I cut it in half to make the wraps that would go around the card itself. I glued them both on the sides of a piece of linnen paper. To hide the “seams” I glued some white ribbon over them.

When you open this wrapped card you see a new layer of white paper with an other layer of the linnen card stock. I used a die from AliExpress, Happy Birthday” and made a cut from white metallic linnen cardstock and glued it on top of the inside layers.
I glued some of the same white ribbon on the back of the wrapped card and to hide it I glued a layer to the back as wel.
To finish of my card I added a few pearls that I also got from AliExpress.

You can read this post in dutch to at my HA Blog, I have written more details in there when you want to know the measurements.

Do you too like making wrapped cards ?

Feel free to tell me about it, and please visit the other members blog posts too, I’m sure you would love to see the ones from the others too.

Feel free to leave a comment here or on the posts of the other DT members. It is highly appreciated.

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