Spring Serenade – JAC May challenge

Spring Serenade – JAC May challenge

Spring Serenade – JAC May challenge

Spring serenade by Maya Green
Spring serenade by Maya Green

Spring Serenade was the assignment for the May challenge at Jewelry Artisans Community‘s and we were given this painting from Maya Green to work with.
These challenges are monthly contests to spark our imagination and make us think out of the box. This one really made us think.
I tried to make a pattern from a part of the painting to make a seed bead bracelet but the programme gave me so many colors that I had to skip that idea because I just didn’t have all those color beads.
Then I tried a pattern with 3 or 4 of the colors from the painting to find out the beads weren’t all the same size so that didn’t work either. For almost the entire month this painting said nothing to me, then I started looking it at a different way. I didn’t look at what was painted, but what did it make me think of, what did it make me feel.

Little house on the prairie

The TV show from years ago, where we all sat in front of the tv every week.
It made me think of the prairie from that tv show and all of a sudden I knew what to make.
In my country we see certain colors as being typically for western and indian jewelry.
Jewelry mainly made from silver, or silver plated, with bleu turquoise, red and ivory or bone beads.
So I came up with this jewelry set as my entry for this months spring serenade challenge.

spring serenade by violetmoon.nl

Here are the entries from all the other participants.

Cat from Cat’s Wire was in fact the first to enter the challenge, this is what she had to say about it:

At first I made a pattern with all colors in it imitating the painting, but for the size that was still wearable I found the result too hectic, too much, too many colors, so instead I concentrated on the bottom part.

And here is the gorgeous spring serenade piece Cat entered.

springe serenade by catswire
Cat’s Wire

Caroline from The Crafty Chimp was the second one to enter.

The poppies reminded me of the beads I used in the fringe, and the title of the painting Spring Serenade just made me think of spring colours.

And here is the spring bracelet Caroline created for this months challenge.

spring serenade by The Crafty Chimp
The Crafty Chimp

Dawn from Jewelry By Dawn made this entry. This is what she had to say about the challenge.

I wasn’t able to spend as much time on this month’s challenge as I would have liked, but I did finally come up with something. While making these paper beads to go on the leather hoops, I noticed that they reminded me of the painting, so the hoop earrings have become my challenge submission for May. Glad to have that one done – didn’t think I would make it. Whew.

spring serenade by Jewelry By Dawn
Jewelry By Dawn

In fact she made 2 entries, later on in the month she also posted these scrumptious earrings.

spring serenade by Jewelry By Dawn
Jewelry By Dawn

Michele of MCStoneworks came in last and nearly didn’t make it. The reason for her delay she explains below.

I started my challenge piece, but need to seal the patina on the focal. The weather hasn’t cooperated. I don’t think I’m going to finish it in time.
I went ahead and put mine together. I’ll take it apart to seal it. I used dye oxides to patina the metal.


These were all the entries for the Spring Serenade May Challenge. See you for next months challenge

Feel free to visit the websites from the others and most of all feel free to share this article or leave a comment below. 

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4 gedachten over “Spring Serenade – JAC May challenge

  1. I loved this challenge and it’s fabulous to see the inspiration everyone got from this painting!
    As you said, Carina, the next one will be harder (meaning I don’t have a clue yet).

  2. Wonderful post, Carina!

    I just love seeing how all of the challenge participants interpreted the painting. It made all of us think about what the painting made us feel rather than just looking at it and thinking “oooo, pretty painting” and going on to the next thing.

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