Shapes – JAC Februari Blog Carnival

Shapes – JAC Februari Blog Carnival

Shapes - JAC Februari Blog Carnival

Shapes – JAC Februari Blog Carnival

Is what this months blog carnival from Jewelry Artisans Community is about.
I make it an easy one for me this month, 1 because I’m very late writing this blogpost and 2 because I’m working at the backend of my website now that google announced that they are dropping Picasa.

But lets go back on topic, in the box below is a short definition.


describing the shape of an object e.g. shapes like a triangle. For common shapes, see list of geometric shapes. For other uses, see Shape (disambiguation)
Shapes are very popular under the Beaders, they are made in all colours and sizes.
Some make stars, cirkels, beaded beads and even beaded boxes.

It also happened that we had a geometric challenge at JAC as one of the weekly Oldies but Goodies Challenges. We had a lot of fun with shapes that week.
You can read all about that challenge on Cat’s Blog:

Here are a few of my creations with shapes.

I will add the links from our other JAC members when available, so you can read what they have to say about Shapes.

The Crafty Chimp

Cat’s Wire

Jewelry Art By Dawn

Echos Of Ela

Carina Veling
I'm also on
Laatste berichten van Carina Veling (alles zien)

10 gedachten over “Shapes – JAC Februari Blog Carnival

    1. Thank you Cat, those flowers I want to try again,
      but this time I want to make a jig for them so it’s easier to get the shape. 🙂

      I allready found a gallery plugin and a plugin to get them organised.
      Now I’m gathering all my photo’s and try to make them all in 1 size.

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