Romance – Februari JAC Challenge




Romance – Februari JAC Challenge


The Februari Challenge from the Jewelry Artisans Community was to make a jewelry piece inspired by, well you can read it in the quote below. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, your challenge for February is romance. I thought that this theme would have more possibilities than a Valentine’s Day challenge which usually ends up focusing on hearts.

You may create anything that has a romantic feel, whether it’s the colors, materials used, shapes or a combinations of elements.

Have fun!

And fun we had.  😀
Gayle from 2fabfristers made this necklace with a metal clay heart, lampwork and sterling beads.





Michele from MC Stoneworks entered a necklace she made for a bride awhile back. Real  Rose preserved in resin, patina copper leaves and crystals.


MC Stoneworks

MC Stoneworks


Dawn, from Jewelry Art By Dawn  joined in almost a month late with her entry.
She was late with her entry because she was making a trip to Asia at the time and she took only some pliers and wire with her, and I had to wait for her entry before I could write my post.


earrings with vintage crystals

Jewelry Art By Dawn


As last I show you my entry for the Romance challenge.
A big heart pendant, a pink Indonesian bead with lots of embellishments on a long chain with some wire wrapped acrylic facet beads in between.


romance jac februari challenge


romance jac februari challenge


romance jac februari challenge



Feel free to visit the websites from the others and most of all feel free to share this article or leave a comment about what makes you think of or how you feel about romance.

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