Review Parawire

Review Parawire


review parawire


Review Parawire

Last week I received a sample pack of parawire after being contacted by it’s sales manager on Instagram.
He asked me if I ever worked with parawire and I had to disapoint him, because parawire is very hard to come by in my country.

They asked me which wires I wanted to test and because they actually did send them to me I thought it would be fair to write a review about this wire. I searched on the internet to find stores in europe that sell this wire, and until now I only found 1.

I requested some 20 gauge and some 26 gauge Gold plated wire




And I made a little rose ring with it to give it a test and to write this review.
This photo was taken December 22nd the day I made the ring.


22-12-16 sample test
22-12-16 day of creation


It is a bit different to work with then with artistic wire or euro wire mainly because its much more sturdier.
I have been wearing this ring for 5 days, never took it of, I have been working with it, showering with it, washed my hands a zillion times and it’s still looking the same.


parawire ring
27-12-16 after wearing it for 5 days.


I’m even amazed at how good it keeps it shape and I only hammered it very lightly because I was afraid that I would scratch the wire.

27-12-16 after wearing it for 5 days.

It is now 02-02-17, I must say I’m impressed the ring is still in its original shape, lost a bit of the gold colour on the stress points but overal the colour is still there. I love the little copper that comes through, gives the ring an aged look.

These are the images of the ring after wearing it day and night for the past 1 and a half month.

parawire ring 02-02-17
Ring 02-02-17


parawire ring 02-02-17
Ring 02-02-17

At the same time that I made this ring to review this parawire I also made a pendant.
A wire wrapped music note with tourmaline beads. It think this one will keep the gold colour much longer, but I still have to test wear it to be sure.
tourmaline music note pendant


tourmaline music note pendant



It was fun to do a test project again, and I hope this little review gives you some info you need.
I hope to find a vender in my area where I can buy parawire in the future because I really like it.
Carina Veling
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