Project of my Dream

Project of my Dream

The project of my dream

Is what this months blog carnival from Jewelry Artisans Community is about.

Most of you will think that it’s a wire wrapped necklace, or a chain maille headpiece, or an extravaganza bracelet!
But no, the project of my dream is what I (we) am (are) working on right now.
Tons of work but the end result is what I always wanted.  \(^,^)//  Yeah!!

Moving my workspace from the attic down to the garage.  🙂
And I finally found my hubby ready to grand me my wish.
Not because I wanted it though, but more because the garage wasn’t isolated enough and that it brought to much cold into his own studio. 🙂
But that’s ok I can live with that, the end result is the same ……

Did I mention that I get my workspace / atelier in the garage!!!!  \(^,^)//  Yeah!!
This truly is the project of my dream.

We took out the matal garage door and replaced it with 2 doors and a window at one side.
The doors are repurposed with a frame but it was to small for us so we had it made to the right size. My hubby had almost 2 weeks work the get the 2 doors (they where bright yellow) stripped, remodeled, sanded and painted.

door with frame
Fitting the door into the frame.

The window still has to be placed in the frame. I think it will be around spring by that time.

project of my dream
The new doors

I painted all the (concreet and brick stone) walls white, put in some laminate flooring, which looks as if it is made from old french wine crates,  and some curtains to shield off the storage.

white painted wall
first coat of paint
old look flooring (vino)
my floor
my storage room
my storage behind curtains

Behind the curtains we will be making racks on the walls for my hubby’s powertools on the left and storage for me on the right side. 🙂

Here are a few photo’s of my bead cupboard, a vintage printer cabinet, which I noticed it still has some  residents in the drawers,  so I have to empty them in spring and give them a good treatment.

cupboard and dressdoll
my cupboard and dressdoll
vintage printer cabinet drawers
the cupboard drawers

I will try to give more updates along the way.

Did I mention that I get my workspace / atelier in the garage!!!!  \(^,^)//  Yeah!
The project of my dream.

I will add the links from our other JAC members when available, so you can read what their dream projects are.

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10 gedachten over “Project of my Dream

  1. Carina, I just know you are going to love having that space to call your own. How exciting! We will be looking forward to seeing the creations that are going to come out of your new studio!

    And, yes. I’m also jealous of the printer’s cabinet.

  2. So excited for you! I know how much my little basement studio means to me. Nothing better than to have a dedicated space all your own to create. I cannot wait to see the finished result! I already love the floor!

    1. I love the floor too,
      we wanted to go for an other colour in a different store first,
      but I’m glad we looked in a second store and found this one.
      It already looks old and damaged so it doesn’t matter when my hammer or pliers fall. 🙂

  3. Carole, when ever you get a printers cabinet, don’t place it in the attic and build a door in the stairway after it.
    It was hell to get it down in one piece. Well my cabinet survived ….. My walls where less lucky. 🙂

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