Outdoor kennel

Outdoor kennel

Outdoor kennel.




We have been thinking about an outdoor kennel for our cat Xima so she to can enjoy laying outside in the sun without us being afraid that something might happen to her. 🙂

So last week I ordered the aluminium to build the frame and wire meshthe galvenised wire mesh to make the walls.

Yesterday we started the build. That is to say my better half started with the frame and I came to help him with the sides.
Inside the kennel we have a square meter without stones where we had a parasol that we moved for the build. I thought it would be nice to have some grass in that square so Xima lay on it to relax if she wanted.

Finding the grass isn’t that easy, I want some ready to lay grass so I started calling several
garden shops and garden architecs if they had some left over from projects.
Sadly none could help me so I have to call the firm that grows them on monday, I do hope they sell privatly.


log of woodTo sharpen her nails I went to my friends house to get a big log
of wood and some big branches that I knew they would still have
from some tree they had cut down recently.
I will try and make her a scratch pole with different levels places for
for her to lay on too.



The outdoor kennel for Xima is already taking shape. Here are a few photo’s from the build.


outdoor kennel
building the kennel
outdoor kennel 2
the finished kennel


We installed the last 2 side panels today and all what’s left to do is decorate the inside
a bit for our lady.

Updates from the decorations will be added.



Feel free to tell me about your pets and their outdoor kennel, when they have one.
Ideas for DIY scratching posts and other cat friendly decorations are welcome too.



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9 gedachten over “Outdoor kennel

  1. What a nice idea, Carina, so thoughtful of you and hubby. My husband built ledges on the picture windows that are wide enough for the cats to sit or sleep on, and we open other windows for them when the weather is nice enough.

    Xima is a beautiful kitty, and Loki wishes to second that.

  2. That is fantastic, Carina!

    You two did a great job on it and Xima can’t help but love being out there. Can’t wait to see how you decorate it!

    She’s a gorgeous kitty. Love her eyes and her fur colors.

    1. Thank you Dawn, we love her emerald eyes too. 🙂

      She goes in there everyday now, but she prefers to sit in the windowsill and listen to the birds.
      I think it’s because the window is higher.

      So the cratching post has to have a higher seat for her to sit or lay on.

  3. It’s a shame Cat, that you don’t have the space. Don’t you have a balcony or something?
    There are special nettings for cats to make enclosures for odd shapes.
    Zooplus.de sells those. We looked into them before we deciced for the mesh.

    Xima is a beauty indeed, sadly also a bit scared one.

    I think she will need some time to get used to the idea that she can go outside now. 🙂

  4. How nice! I wish I could do something like that for my cats, but it’s a bit hard to do when you are on the first floor and don’t have much space in the garden.
    I doubt my neighbors would like a mesh construction around some stairs going by their windows 😉

    Xima is a real little beauty, I hope she’ll love her new spot!

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