My other hobby – Papercraft!

My other hobby – Papercraft!

My other hobby – Papercraft!

For his months blog carnival for the Jewelry Artisans Community I can finally write about my other new found hobby. Papercraft!

I discovered it by accident. I saw a you tube a while ago and there was a lady from England making boxes from card stock.
But I already told you guys this story in a previous blogpost.

I started with making boxes but slowly also started to make greeting cards.
It is nice to give a handmade thank you card with a sale.
And it is easy for me now that when I need a greeting card I just take one out of my box, make an enveloppe that matches it and I’m done.  🙂

In this post I want to show you a few of the creations I made with paper for fun.
Some I custom made for a jewelry piece I sold or gave as a gift.
Some of the materials or tools I used are from Stampin’Up!
That’s why I have their brandname along with my own brandname as watermark in some of my photo’s.

When you want to see all the other boxes I made you can visit this gallery.
And the greeting cards I made so far you can see in this gallery.

Now my other hobby is papercraft. What other hobbies do you have?
Feel free to tel me about them by leaving a comment.

I will be adding the links from our other JAC members when available.

Cat’s Wire

Jewelry Art By Dawn

Carina Veling
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4 gedachten over “My other hobby – Papercraft!

  1. WOW, Carina!

    I knew you were making cards and boxes, but had no idea you were making such intricate and varied designs. They are gorgeous and I can tell you are really having fun with your “other” hobby!

  2. My, you really have been busy and made some beautiful items, too!
    I think my favorite is the box with the four drawers, very sweet and useful on top.

    1. These aren’t all I made,Cat.
      I still have to upload a lot of them.

      The black box with the 4 drawers is my favourite too,
      you can keep all sorts of little stuff in those drawers. 😀

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