Life got in the way

Life got in the way

Life got in the way

life got in the way

It’s a been a while since I added new posts… sadly life and my health got in the way! I had just enough energy for my blogposts for Hobby Alternatief, but my blog posts here had to take a back seat …

Therefore, many apologies! I will try to ad all the missing posts from the past weeks here too, only a bit different then usually.
I will add the links to some of the missing blog posts in here, you can just click on the links in them and it will take you to the original post.

For week 11 I had to make a card with a Dahlia Fold. I had no idea how to make them so I had to look it up on you tube. 
Usually you use double sided paper for these, I choose to make mine with single sided paper.

dahlia fold card
paper easter basket

For Easter, week 12 we had to make something related to Easter, I made this little basket for chocolate eggs and a card of course.

Week 13 was a fun one, we all received a template to make a little box. Now I have made several boxes but never one like this. It was fun to make it but more fun to decorate it.

box with flowers

I have the list of the materials I used at my hobby alternatief blog posts, It is written in dutch with more details in there for when you want to know more and all the measurements. To translate it to english or any other language you can use “Google Translate”

Feel free to leave a comment here, on my other blog or on the posts of the other DT members. It is highly appreciated.

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