Lariat – March JAC Challenge

Lariat – March JAC Challenge

Lariat - March JAC Challenge

Lariat – March JAC Challenge

The March  Challenge from the Jewelry Artisans Community was to make a Lariat

Dawn challenged us: By popular demand, this month’s challenge is lariats. I’ve never made on, so this will definitely be a challenge for me. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Have fun!

Well I have made a few before but hardly ever wear them. So this was a fun challenge to make a lariat that would be wearable too.
But first of all, what is it. Well in short, it’s a very long necklace, without a clasp. Which can be worn in many different ways I found this video on you tube which give clear instructions on how you can wear it.

Now lets go to the creations that where entered.

Dawn from Jewelry Art By Dawn  said:

Here is my attempt at a lariat necklace. I used mouse tail cord, paper beads, vintage brass beads and a vintage component for the beaded ends to pass through.

Cat from Cat’s Wire was a bit late, only 2 weeks, with her entry.

Actually that wasn’t what I had planned for the challenge, this one came spontaneously on the weekend. The pearls were already on the wire, so all I had to do was to put in a few hours of crocheting

And my entry for this months challenge.

I partly cheated,
I took a ready made long necklace with black plastic beads I had lying around, cut it in half and embellished the ends. What a horror to make photo’s of long necklaces.

I mixed it up this time because there where several photo’s made and I don’t want to choose which photo to place so I share them in this gallery below.

Feel free to visit the websites from the others, visit and join the Jewelry Artisans Community or feel free to share this article or leave a comment about how feel about lariats.

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    1. Yes indeed, it was a lot of fun, also took some thinking out of the box for some of us. 😉
      I do hope Michele and Gayle still enter their creation and if so I will ad them to my post.

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