JAC – October Blog Carnival

JAC – October Blog Carnival

blog carnival

JAC – october blog carnival

For October we were supposed to write an article for the monthly blog carnival at the Jewelry Artisans Community.
We completely forgot to choose a theme for this months entry and we just remembered it when the month was good as over.

I forgot about the blog hop because I was working on the photo’s for my galleries and I had a show on the 16th, so in the week before I was sorting out all the pieces I wanted to bring and getting ready for the show. In the week after I was putting every item that wasn’t sold back in their zip lock bags.

violetmoon.nl jewelry booth

The others also forgot about the blog carnival because Cat has been absent because some health problems, Without Cat to remind us we all completely forgot.

So there are no links to go to the posts of the others.
Cat already announced that there definitly will be one again for November.

Feel free to join me and the others of course for my next blog carnival post.

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