JAC April Challenge – Steampunk

JAC April Challenge – Steampunk

JAC April Challenge – Steampunk

For the month April we had a challenge again, this time we had the theme steampunk.
I have seen many artworks that are called that way, and have made some jewelry in the past that could have crossed over.

Is it jewelry, an artform, the clothing, the music, the movies or is it a subculture lifestyle  as we also have Gothic or Industrial. I do know it is a combination of Industrial relics and clothing form the victorian time, that there are many festivals where like minded people meet to show of their clothes, enjoy their own music and all the beautifull pieces of artwork they made, yes made, most of the attributes they carry are handmade items which where made with lots of craftsmanship.

Festival Aethercircus in Stade 2013 Grauer Ort

We all tried to make some steampunk jewelry and found out that it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. Here are the creations we came up with.

Michele from MC Stoneworks was the first to enter het gorgeus creation.

Steampunk Challenge JAC
MC Stoneworks

Then came Dawn from Jewelry Art By Dawn with this lovely pendant.

Jewelry Art By Dawn

Being in doubt about her first pendant she then created a second one.

Jewelry Art By Dawn

I myself was also struggling with this topic, I have seen many steampunk related jewelry, costumes and attributes on several festivals I attended.
I had little time for making intricate jewelry pieces and my mind went completely black, in the last few days of the challeng I came up with this little pendant. Made from lace, chain and a watch part.

Violetmoon’s Corner

You can read Dawn’s blogpost here: Jewelry Art By Dawn

When interested in hearing how the music sounds you can listing to a lot of them here:
Steampunk Music On You Tube


Feel free to visit the websites from the others and most of all feel free to share this article or leave a comment below. 

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