Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Mass Produced

Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Mass Produced

Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Mass Produced

Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Mass Produced

The subject for this month blog carnival from  Jewelry Artisans Community is Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Mass Produced.

As this being my website and blog where I showcase adornments made by me, you can understand that I am all for handmade. I like the fact that you can get custom made pieces in stead of pieces that are made with thousends in a factory where each piece is exactly the same.

Mass produced pieces, can be bought in almost every store and are always the same so it is possible that you run into several people wearing the same jewelry. And in most cases and the only variation you get is the price that you pay for it.
I didn’t like to wear jewelry that everybody else was wearing so I started making my own, I liked it so much I didn’t stop making  handcrafted jewelry. So in the past 12 years or more I have build a big collection. You can find them all in my gallery and in my shop

Handmade items are made with love and sometimes even better executed, has way more variations and when made by yourself and I think it has more value above mass produced gifts.

I have made several gifts and custom pieces in the past years and all where highly appreciated by the receivers.

Feel free to share your point of view about the subject.

I will add the links from our other JAC members when available, so you can read their blogpost about “Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Mass Produced.”

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4 gedachten over “Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Mass Produced

  1. Wonderful examples of your work, Carina, and such a good argument for buying hand crafted. The hand made movement has come a long way and I never cease to be amazed at the talent and creativity artists have.

  2. I like all kinds of handmade things. If people like to wear, use or own what many others do too, that’s fine by me. I own stuff that isn’t handmade.
    I just wish more people would stop using “handmade” in a condescending way and appreciate the work that is put into those pieces.

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