Friday the 13th was a good day.

Friday the 13th was a good day.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was a good day for me, it’s the day that I started as a new member of the designteam for hobby Alternatief.

I will be making cards mainly each week, from a theme we get in advance and write a blogpost at their blog for it.
I have already written my first post to introduce myself to their audience, it is all in dutch, but I think google can translate it for you when you want to read my blogpost on their website. And of course you are free to read the post of the other team members.

I made several cards already for their theme challenges, but these where all for one their
facebook pages.

Creatieve Hobby Tips

Hobby alternatief

These are the ones I  made/used before I was a member of the designteam.

Carina Veling
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