Fiber and Mixed Media

Fiber and Mixed Media

Fiber and Mixed Media

fiber and mixed media

Last month’s challenge was to create a fiber and mixed media jewelry piece. For fiber and mixed media we could use materials such as hemp, ribbon, cord, fabric, yarn, felt, shibori ribbon as well as recycled components, paper, found items, leather, glass, metal and the list goes on and on. The challenge for this month was to combine two or more materials to create a mixed media jewelry piece.

The first to enter was Dawn, from Jewelry By Dawn, she made this lovely bracelet.

I found this awesome tutorial for a pom pom bracelet and instead of attaching pom poms, attached these charms that where left over from a previous project.

jewelry by dawn
Jewelry By Dawn

She posted a second entry.

a braided bracelet and I had this big ol’ honking metal bead that I added for an accent.This one involved cutting up an old shirt, gluing, sewing, braiding and wire wrapping – I’m exhausted!

Jewelry By Dawn
Jewelry By Dawn

Cat from Cat’s Wire also had 2 entries,

I used a satin ribbon instead of thread for this bracelet. Although I put the ribbon on the loom to get the right tension while sewing, it is not bead loomed.

Cat's wire
Cat’s wire

The second piece was even more stunning, I mean look at those colours!

In fact this is for next week’s stash challenge, but there’s Kumihimo cord as well, so I thought this time I’ll be the show off and make up for missing last month.

cat's wire
Cat’s Wire

Caroline from The Crafty Chimp tried to “cheat”.   🙂

I had a UFO piece of Bead Embroidery that had been hanging around forever. I finally found the mojo to finish it off. It sort of fits the challenge in that it is beaded onto backing fabric and then backed with suede. Am I convincing you yet?

the crafty chimp
The Crafty Chimp

She came back later with a second entry too, this is what she said about this entry.

Here is a NOT cheating piece of mixed media beading. I made this at bead group today. It will probably go onto the top of a box but not certain yet. x

the crafty chimp
The Crafty Chimp

She did actually place it onto the top of a box, which made the whole piece pop.

The Crafty Chimp
The Crafty Chimp

I too made several pieces, at first I made this necklace.

The blue material was a coincidence find, my hubby had placed something in the wrong cupboard and while I was taking it out to put it in the right place my eye fell on the blue stuff. We used it years ago to give the seatings of our kitchen chairs some new life.

violetmoon's corner
Violetmoon’s Corner

While waiting for the glue from the pendant to dry I also made a bracelet from the blue material.

violetmoon's corner
Violetmoon’s Corner

I liked working with the blue material so much that I also made a second pendant.
And I think I will be using it more in the future. This is the last pendant I made for this month’s challenge.

violetmoon's corner
Violetmoon’s Corner

These were all the entries for the fiber and Mixed Media Juli Challenge. We skipped the august challenge so see you for Septembers challenge.

Feel free to visit the websites from the others and most of all feel free to share this article or leave a comment to share your idea’s on fiber and mixed media below.

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9 gedachten over “Fiber and Mixed Media

  1. Fabric hardeners give mixed media artists the ability to sculpt in new ways. Powertex is an example of a unique new material that gives artists the ability to color and harden fabric.

  2. I’ll third that!

    Great blog post, Carina. This was a fun and interesting challenge as I don’t think any of us (except, perhaps, for Caroline) have done much designing with fiber.

    Looking forward to next month!

    1. Thank you Dawn!

      I started on “next” (this) month challenge yesterday, I thought I had 1 earring finished but after looking at it decided it needed something more.
      Worked almost 4 hours on the project, hope the other one goes faster. 😀

  3. This was big fun, I’m glad it made me come back to my Kumihimo cords that I definitely need to use more.

    Thank you for featuring my bracelets and see you at the next challenge!

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