DIY Calendar

DIY Calendar

Diy Calendar.

DIY Calendar

Each year we received a calendar at work, sadly this year we didn’t get one. The one from last year went till Februari and because we really did ’t get one I decided to make me one, at the same time it’s for my free choice week at Hobby Alternatief .

It is pretty easy to make, you just look on the internet for a good template. I use the free templates from a lot. They have all sorts of templates in different themes and styles to choose from. I found the calendar ones I used this time there too.

I just printed them and looked for nice papers as a backdrop. Make sure that you have a decent border of the patterned.
For every month I took a different background trying to find themes matching the month. For Valentine I used hearts etc.
At the top of the sheets I made 2 holes with my crop-a-dile and placed some eyelets in them for extra sturdiness.

Tip! You can make the holes with a perforator too if you don’t have a crop-a-dile.

I placed 2 big rings through the holes and the added a ribbon to hang the calendar from. I reused the plastic slider and day pointer from the old one, I just had to make it to size.

I have a list of the materials I used for making this calendar at my HA Blog, It is written in dutch with more details in there for when you want to know more and all the measurements. To translate it to english or any other language you can use “Google Translate”

Feel free to leave a comment here, on my other blog or on the posts of the other DT members. It is highly appreciated.

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