Diversity in card making

Diversity in card making

Diversity in card making

diversity in card making

I have been writing blogposts for Hobby Alternatief every week on Friday. I decided to write short updates here instead of the full translated posts. This time I have 3 blogposts for you to read. 

I had a lot of fun using some diversity in the cards for these week, the first one is a card suitable for giving to a male, the second is for the ladies and with the third one I share a technique with you guys.
In the blocks below you can link through to the separate posts.

not just for men

This card I made for week 22 where I had the assignment to make a male card. Behind the focal image is a slide where you can ad money or a giftcard.
In the original post, I added a link to a Youtube on how to make this card.

For week 23 we had to work with a sketch again. The perfect go to when you don’t know what layout to use. I have no cutting dies for the lady so I had to fussy cut her, not one of my strong points.

monoprinting with die cuts

For week 25 the assignment was to do mono-printing with die cuts. I had so much fun and still so much ink on the die cuts that I could pull 5 prints from it.
In the original post, I added a link to a Youtube on how to make this card.

I have a list of the materials I used at my HA Blog, It is written in dutch with more details in there for when you want to know more and all the measurements. You can visit each Diversity post for each week separately by clicking the link in the blocks above.
To translate it to english or any other language you can use “Google Translate”

Feel free to leave a comment here, on my other blog or on the posts of the other DT members. It is highly appreciated.

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