Collaborations with other artists

Collaborations with other artists


Collaborations with other artists

Is this months blog carnival theme for the Jewelry Artisans Community and I have been breaking my head all month what to write.

I thought I never had collaborations with other crafters but I was wrong.
How could I forget about it.

The story is this: A few years ago my sister asked me if I could make some items related to Basset Hounds. I looked in my usual places for pendants or charms but couldn’t find any at that time.

Back then I was a member of a Dutch beading forum (which sadly doesn’t exist anymore) and on that forum was a lady (Biebs) who made little animal figurines from glass. So I asked her if she could make me a Basset Hound. She never tried making them so it was a challenge for her to get them as lively as possible.

I made the cellphone charm with the prototype of the beads for her.
When my sister saw the Basset bead Biebs made she wanted more of them. So I ordered a few more.

I turned them all into necklaces for her to give as a present on her “puppy day” to give to everybody who bought a puppy from her.

What collaborations did you have, feel free to tel me and leave comment.

I will be adding the links from our other JAC members when available.

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4 gedachten over “Collaborations with other artists

  1. What sweet hounds! She did a great job with them, and very obviously you made a very good team, too! I bet the new bassett owners were thrilled.

  2. OMGosh, Carina! Those basset charms are adorable and you did a great job with them. What a great collaboration that was!

    I think every artist should collaborate at least once just to have the experience of working with someone else.

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