Clearing house, uh beads actually

Clearing house, uh beads actually

Clearing house, uh beads actually

Clearing house will be an utopia, clearing my beads even more. 🙂

But I did challenge my self, together with an other member of JAC,
Cats Wire to try use the beads that I have in my stash, and believe me that is a lot.

Up until now I showed my creations on Facebook or on Instagram but hey, why shouldn’t I post them here.
I will try and remember to post my clearing house creations on my blog too.

For the past week I made these 2 hoops from beadalon colour craft wire that I have for ages, some 8/0 seed beads and some 6 mm glass pearls.

red wire hoops from

wire wrapped hoops from

I saw how to make this last pair on you tube on a spanish/south american channel.
It made it look so easy that I just had to try it. I like them a lot and will be making those again with nicer wire and nicer beads.  🙂

And this past week I have been using some of my 11/0 miyuki’s and made this little square stitch bracelet.
Actualy this is the 5th I made. in the past month.

square stitch bracelet from

And I started on a heringbone stitch something, can’t remeber what it was exactly but it came out as a tassel. Again 11/0 a few 8/0 miyuki seed beads, a few 4 mm fire polished cristals and chain, a lot of chain.  I think I will hang it from a long ball chain as a necklace pendant.

seed bead en chain tassel from

Oh, I almost forgot, there are 2 more earrings that I made, also from a you tube tutorial. Form an italian channel they are called Vintage Fan earrings and the video is from AlkymniaI made them in 2 different colors but to be honest I like the first pair, the lighter ones best.

vintage fan earrings from

vintage fan earrings from

That was all I made this past week. Maybe until next week with more clearing house.

Feel free to visit Cat’s website and most of all feel free to share this article or leave a comment below. 

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