a golden glitter spinner card

A golden glitter spinner card


A golden glitter spinner card

How are you all? I guess full in *Christmas decoration mode* Do you have all the Christmas cards finished?  I made this glitter spinner card a few weeks ago for this blogpost and at the moment I’m very happy that I have many cards left from last year because of a stupid fall on my hand I can’t be making many Christmas cards, although I did manage to squeeze a few out. 😃

I already made all the cards for my blog post till January all that is left is to write the blogposts.
Slowly I’m regaining the function of my hand again and I hope to be in full *creation mode* again in January.

But enough about myself, these are the creations for this weeks post

The assignment for this time was to make a (glitter) spinner card and I thought: “Oh goodies, finally I can use the front and back stamps that I have.”
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the cutting dies for them, I must have misplaced them somewhere, so I to come up with an other solution. 😃

You can read how I used in dutch at my HA Blog, I have written more details in there for when you want to know more and the measurements. To translate it to english or any other language you can use “Google Translate”

Oh, and I made a second card, not a glitter spinner but I think you will like this one too. Because I can’t choose which one to show I will ad that one below too. 😃

spinner slider card by vmcdesigns.nl

Pinguin spinner slider animation.



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2 Responses to a golden glitter spinner card

  1. Dianne december 11, 2018 at 21:59 #

    Your cards and blog are always such a delight! Thank you for sharing your creative talents, Carina!!

    • Carina Veling december 12, 2018 at 10:18 #

      Thank you for you kind words sweet Dianna
      Happy to read that you enjoy my makings. 🙂

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