~*~ Juli 2014 – Indian Princess ~*~

Deze creatie had ik ook nog in juli 2014 gemaakt maar ik vond dat deze een aparte blogpost wel verdiend had. Ik zat in juli ziek thuis en had toen eindelijk eens de tijd omdat arbeid intensievere werkjes te doen, dit was het resultaat. De oorbellen kunnen in 2 variaties, beide hieronder weergegeven.

De basis is gemaakt van messing draad en de wikkelingen zijn van non tarnish silver plated artistic wire. De kleinere kraaltjes zijn ook allemaal silver plated.

This creation I also made in juli 2014, but I thought this one deserved a separate blogpost.
In juli I was at home on sick leave so I finally had the time to work on something more time consuming, this was the result. The earrings of the set can be worn in 2 different variations, both are shown below.

The base is made with brass wire and the wrappings are done with non tarnish silver plated artistic wire. All the little beads are silver plated too.

S. 071401.jpg S. 071401a.jpg S. 071401b.jpg S. 071401c.jpg S. 071401d.jpg S. 071401e.jpg S. 071401f.jpg S. 071401g.jpg SO. 071401a.jpg SO. 071401b.jpg



Carina Veling
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Carina Veling

Designer / creator at VMCdesigns.nl
Hello, my name is Carina, as you can see on my website I love to make jewelry, little boxes, greeting cards and little gifts from card stock.

All my creations can be found in my galeries.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Carina Veling
I'm also on

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